This manual is meant as a basic guide to the machinery available in the shop and the basic rules for operating that machinery. Due to the diverse nature of the work that is done in the shop and the dynamic properties of the materials being used, it is impossible to create safety guidelines that cover every eventuality.

Most importantly this guide cannot replace the advice and instructions given by the shop supervisor, your most important resource for working safety in the shop. The workshop is potentially hazardous environment. As such, it is extremely important that all safety rules and instructions by the shop supervisor be followed.
Company adheres to laws and regulations regarding workers health and safety.

As an electrical contracting company, We assure to follow all the site safety measurements like all Engineers, Supervisors and Worker wear safety helmets, belts, industrial or safety shoes, and ticked handcuffs which results the “Zero Accidental” Possibilities at site to complete the project as per schedule with our vast experience.